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Born in the year 1999 by the brand “Del Bosque” with the intention to offer consumers natural products that complements their diets and that before wasnt available due to its informality and the poor or none regulations on behalf of the authorities. The constant raise of Price of medicines consumers look for efficient alternatives but at low price. We promote its use to help and prevent any type of diseases. As of today we are the main supplier of natural products in Honduras because of the high level of final consumers we reach. 

Derived of the great acceptance of the Brand within a few years a snack production line and a brand of toasted coffee under the Brand “Café Rubio” were  added.

All of our products and processes gather all the requirements requested by the National Health Secretary office. We are members of training programs, fairs and workshops of the prestigious Panamerican Agricultal school “El Zamorano”. We are aalso active members of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tegucigalpa.

Our products are nationwide commercialized throught out more than 65 supermarkets and natural shops amongst them La Colonia

Supermarkets and Walmart. Most of our products are organic because they have non fertilizers and pesticides. They are collected in open fields and woods by good traditional practices that don´t harm the enviroment and comply with phytosanitary normatives of the country.

History Naturamas S. de R.L.



Contribute to society in gneral providing it with natural products whilst we protect the Enviromenr, practice and promote equity of gender and just to al its collaborators.




Be an example of PYME in Honduras constituted ourselves as a leader company in which the sinergy between technology, preservation of the enviroment and Human Development are closely connected.


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